Sail Training

Yachting or Competition

Are you searching for a sail training course adapted to your expectations?

Would you like to discover sailing  and come up to your autonomy as skipper or take part of sailboat crew?

Formation Voile sandrine
Formation Voile

We organise group and individual sailing training activities for all the family, on board your own sailboat or our sailboat at your disposal.  Skippers and experienced trainers will be at your service with their active listening skill.

Sailing Training Individual Courses

Exclusively for you and your family or your friends, a very personalized progression until your sailing autonomy.

sail training
Formation GPS

You can also ask for a personal support abord your own sailboat or your rented sailboat.

If you have just adquire your sailboat,  we could give you an  initiation to discover  your own boat and fix the fondamental knowlegde for a safe navigation.

Sail Training Courses

Our sailing training courses are available to everyone.

Also we organise special women’s sailing courses. s

The courses presents severals subjets and duration (half-day /one day /nuit) and they are organised with the objective to practice sailing and improve your sailing skills. et sont organisés dans le bo

family sail training
Formation Voile en famille

Among others courses: Nitgh Navigation, Ladys’ Weekend, 36 hours flat fee,  Astronomical Navigation

Sail Training Cruises

Sailing Stay organised to offer the opportunity of a excitant trip expirience aboard an offshore sailboat.

formation theorique
Formation Navigation sur Carte

You will discover, practice and learn sailing skills as sails adjustement, manouvers by motor, deciding sail passage planning,  entrance and departures from differents ports and fjords are daily activies of this trip.

Nautical chart navigation, GPS, safety training and aboard life skill are included in the planned program.  Nevertheless, we won’t forget taking time to visit the wonderfull landscapes of the mediterranean coast…

CAs every sailing school, we pass knwoledge during sailing practice, theoretical lessons and we offer all the pedagogical material.

Here below, the conference given during the Salon Nautique d’Automne 2014 at Cap d’Agde: Anchoring skills.